Members of the board of directors of Haval International Contracting.

Kanar N Almediady

Chairman of Board of Directors

Eng .Abdullah N Almediady

Director General

Eng.khabat N Almediady

Engineering Division Manager

Eng.Sherwin N Almediady

Sales Division

Ayad Bahar

Production Division Manager

Haval International Group Story.

We would take this opportunity to extend to you proudly what we managed to a achieve since we have first started the business of general contracting in 1998. Our faithfulness and devotion in serving our customers have enabled us to execute in superior attitude all projects with in the recommended budget and gain quickly a good reputation in all fields in which we honor to achieve. The thing that pleased us most is that our customers have now considered permanent customers, this reflexes our highly commitment with in the construction aspect as well as the the ultimate significances. We usually apply to preserve quality and perfection and our commitment comes full, through our management in all fields, industrial, agricultural import, export and commercial agencies authorized. we were privileged to participate in building tourist villages and first class hotels through hard work in a close cooperation with international consulting offices such us Pan Arab Consulting Engineers in kuait, AL-Himma Co in Egypt, as well as cooperation with foreign companies such as Cogim Co Italian company and ECCI, Laguna (American companies). We hope that this simple preview gives you an image that we can be at your serves and to do our best to achieve what we should be authorized

Haval Activities

  • Engineering, contract activity 

  • Building first class hotels cooperating with international companies the PACE pan Arab consulting engineers in Kuwait 

  • Building hospitals with international modern technique with all supply meant 

  • Building high ways, bridges and tunnels’ using proof staff 

  • Supplying Elevators type (DTIS ) persons and cargoes and supplying and install moving stairs of all kinds with the maintenance 

  • Building and supplying electrical stations cooperating with AR.CR company 

  • Design and Building malty story Building 

  • Design and Supply and excuthing steel and concrete hunger of all kinds and sizes 

  • Supplying and install water pumps of all size 

  • Supplying and install and maintain computer system 

  • Design and Supply caravan of deferent size cooperating with Cogim company (Italy company) 

  • Import and supply all kinds of furniture of best orgin 

  • Design and build typical farms 

  • Building perfect stations for fattening calves and cow of milk and dairy product in addition to the breeding poultry with the modern methods 

  • Building chemical fertilizers, Candies, drying and juice factories etc. according to the required standers

Our companies

  • Haval international for constructions 

  • Haval company for building and investment .

  • Haval company for import, export and agencies investments 

  • Haval company for Indus trial investments chemical materials and fertilizers 

  • Haval company for agricuhural and animal production invest mentis 

  • Haval company for packing and storage of food products and international trans portation

Haval can Design and Supervision In the aria of Group Services and project management, offers complete turnkey's services which includes design, construction supervise and quality control for large size projects both in the filed of concrete and steel construction to an acceptable international standards design final work

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